This Month in Gurzu - September 2023

by Alaka 

Hello Readers,

Welcome to the September edition of the monthly Gurzu Newsletter. Fall is here, and the air is crisp with excitement. At Gurzu, we are feeling the energy, too.

We’ve had a busy and productive month and are thrilled to share all we have accomplished with you!

September 1: Gurzu Girls Meetup

Gurzu girls meetup is more than just a gathering, it’s where all the women of Gurzu come together to celebrate our success, discuss our challenges, and empower each other. We kicked off September with another episode of this meetup where Gurzu Girls shared their stories and accomplishments among this incredible community.

Gurzu girls meetup september

September 13: Programmer’s Day

Programmer’s Day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year to honor and appreciate the work of programmers. On the occasion of programmer’s day this year, we gathered some of the programmers from our office. We asked them a series of fun and thought-provoking questions about their life as programmers. Watch it here

Blog Posts/ Case Studies

While working on a recent project, we deployed the production environment through Capistrano. Based on that experience, Infrastructure Engineer Ujan wrote a guide to deploying Capistrano in Gitlab CI/CD. Read it here.

A well-invested, dedicated, and reliable engineering team is essential for every ambitious business to scale operations and drive growth throughout the digital transformation journey. However, even the most experienced teams occasionally run into problems and face multiple challenges, which are inevitable. Abinash wrote a blog post examining a few indicators suggesting it’s time for business owners to explore new engineering team options for software development needs. Read it here

Recently, while working on a P2P e-commerce project, we had to switch to Uber Direct from another delivery service. Prepsa wrote a blog post exploring the concept of Uber Direct and the steps involved in integrating Uber Direct into an e-commerce project. Read it here

Did you know that in July 2021, 283 out of 336 billion emails sent were spam? Also, around 3.5 billion phishing emails are sent daily. Shashi listed down some practical strategies to spot and avoid falling victim to spam and phishing emails. Read it here.

Go to Gurzu blog to read all the latest blog posts.

Knowledge Ketchup

Knowledge ketchup is Gurzu’s spin on lunch and learn, where each week, one of our team members takes the stage to share something with the rest of the team. From programming, to marketing, to management: we believe that there is something to learn about everything!

September 6: Bloc Pattern in Flutter

Bloc (Business Logic Components) is a design pattern created by Google. It is a state management library for Flutter, used to separate UI and business logic. In this episode of Knowledge Ketchup, mobile developer Kiran Sharma talked about the Bloc Pattern and its usage. Find the slide deck here.

September 13: Communication, Collaboration and Teamwork

People and culture coordinator Krilata conducted an interactive knowledge ketchup session. With challenges and games, participants got to reflect on the power of communication, collaboration and teamwork.

September 20: Power of Documentation

Documentation in programming involves creating written or digital resources to explain and clarify various aspects of code, software, or systems. In this episode of Knowledge Ketchup, Aarati talked about the power of documentation and some best practices. Find the slide deck here.

September 27: Individual Overcoming a Fear of Economic Recession

During times of economic uncertainty, the specter of job losses, financial instability, and the ripple effects on personal lives can be overwhelming.  In this episode of Knowledge Ketchup, Manik talked about how individuals can overcome a fear of economic recession and practical steps to survive economic recession. Find the slide deck here.

Knowledge Ketchups in September Gurzu

Thank you!

Your dedication to reading through means a lot to us. Stay tuned for more captivating stories from our office in the upcoming edition.


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