This Month in Gurzu - February 2024

by Alaka 

Dear Readers,

We trust this message finds you in good spirits as we transition into the month of March. 

February was full of noteworthy accomplishments for us. In this newsletter, we are delighted to bring you up to speed on the latest developments, milestones, and exciting things that unfolded here at Gurzu office.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community, and here’s to a month filled with growth, innovation, and shared successes!


ONE OS Launch 

We are excited to announce that one of our clients’ projects, ONE OS, is launched on iOS and android. We commemorated the occasion with a small celebration.

It is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle application integrating health, wearable payments, and connected luxury experiences to transform any luxury watch into a smart companion. Learn more about ONE OS on their website.

Gurzu Nepal February Celebrations

Valentine’s Day Celebration

Gurzu team turned up the love on 14th February with a small celebration on our office premises. Our office transformed into a playground with competitive games where laughter and friendly rivalry filled the air.

Blog Posts/ Case Studies

Robina, our product designer, had written about design audit and its importance in her last blog. As a continuation to that, she has written about the steps followed to conduct a design audit. Read it here.

Project management is often paradoxical. So, even the companies that say ‘we totally get project management’ get stuck in complexities.  Sakshi has written about 10 dysfunctions of product management in our latest blogpost. Read it here.

She has also recorded a podcast episode on the same topic. Listen to it on Spotify, or on Apple podcast.

By the way…

Have you had the time to check our knowledge ketchup podcast yet? 

You can now listen to our knowledge ketchup episodes on Spotify or Apple Podcast. Happy listening!


Knowledge ketchup is a weekly event at Gurzu where each one of our team members takes the stage to share something they know with the rest of the team.

We have completed a round of knowledge ketchup. Find all the previous slides here.

Thank you!

Your dedication in reading through means a lot to us. Stay tuned for more captivating stories from our office in the upcoming edition.

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