Project Health Checklist

by Saugat 

Project Health Checklist / Practices Checklist

  1. Should establish clear communication paths and roles within a project.

    • Ensure the team is on the same page for target/milestone completion.
    • Ensure that the team understands the value of the software they are building.
    • Roles should be clearly defined (i.e. Product Manager, Scrum Master etc.)
  2. Should follow one of the Agile Methodologies of Software Development

    • SCRUM

      • Scrum Master is rotated after every 4 sprints.
    • KanBan
    • XP etc.
  3. Should maintain a document for dependency (roles and responsibility) and access level (for repository and other resources) of each team member on the Project.
  4. Should have a proper Release Cycle that suits the Project.
  5. Should have a single document management system.

    • Statement of Work
    • Architecture Documents
    • Project Plan/ RoadMap/ Milestone Planning
    • Meeting Notes
    • Retrospective Documents
    • Release Note Documents
    • Incident Reports / Bug Tracking/ Diagnostic Reports
    • User Guide
    • Change Requests from Clients
    • Team Health Check
  6. Should maintain primary contact of clients.(in absence of team lead, need to make sure to keep everyone on loop [i.e on emails etc]).
  7. The Project Board should be actively maintained while working and start communicating on that.
  8. Should have a proper Git Strategy and PR Review Strategy
  9. Should have a metric tool to check code quality.
  10. Should create a comprehensive document for local project setup.

    • Installation/Setup Docs:

      • For Developers
      • For Server Deployments
  11. Credentials should be managed centrally for a Project.

    • All environment variables required for Project Should be listed as well.
  12. Should have an Application Performance Monitoring tool enabled in the Project.
  13. Should have a proper Incident Management Strategy that suits the project’s needs.