Mobile Application Development


WEARATEC innovate, design and engineer wearable technology to complement and enhance the experience of wearing a luxury watch


Wearatec is a next-gen wearable technology that accommodates features of a secure payment gateway along with a fitness tracker.

Business Challenges

Faced with the problem of having to manage multiple teams and work on the wearable IOT ecosystem. Client required a one stop technical partner to handle their current application and build solution for the next-gen Wearable Technology.


Gurzu setup a product team that works on custom solutions built for wearable IOT platform. The product team worked on integrating payment gateway and repurposing it to a different tech stack along with enabling the wearable to work as a fitness tracker.

We needed to find a development partner that could support all elements of the software development process and could help us scale. Gurzu was able to quickly get us a team set up and running and really helped to accelerate the front-end and back-end development.The ability to tap into the collective knowledge, multiple engineering disciplines, and various skill sets in a single development partner has been invaluable to us. Great, kind people to work with and very professional.

Dilshan Modaragamage
CEO, Wearatec

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