Enterprise Software Development


Almond’s platform provides interoperability between mobile financial services, making remittances and payments across providers and borders possible.


Almond Finance is a mobile commerce app that enables communities in developing countries to grow revenue. By integrating microfinance, market mapping, and digital payments into a single mobile application.

Business Challenges

Lack of access to capital is one of the main drivers of poverty worldwide. An absence of financial services and facilities available to rural communities inhibits community members from investing in their farms and small businesses.


To address this need, Gurzu brings essential financial services to last-mile communities. It provides micro loans and supports P2P transactions and digital purchases, all on a single app and without having access to a bank.

Gurzu provided the expertise, professionalism and intuition needed to quickly launch a beta product in a complex and rapidly evolving environment. The development team remained agile and responsive while executing requirements with the accuracy and thoughtfulness needed to meet consistently challenging technical and strategic objectives.

Adam Swartzbaugh
CEO, Almond

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