Gurzu Insight: March the Month of Women

by Ranjan 

international womens day 2022

Thousands of International Women’s Day events have been scheduled all across the world on March 8th. The day’s theme often shows admiration and respect for women who have reached excellence on the public scene. Most of the time, it’s to recognize their achievements in economics, politics, and social transformation. March 8, is International Women’s Day, a day to honor extraordinary women all throughout the world. This year’s theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”

We live in an era of digital transformation and rapid technological change. Global problem solvers are employing digital advances to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. As we continue to apply innovative digital solutions to age-old global issues, one thing becomes clear: when we collaborate, welcome and cultivate diversity, and encourage everyone to contribute, we exponentially accelerate the pace of social progress. At Gurzu, we’ve got strong women everywhere: represented in our customers and partners, workforce, office management Project managers and so on. International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to honoring women’s achievements in the fields of social, economic, cultural, and political empowerment. The day also serves as an unifying factor for advancing gender equality and parity, which is not only a basic human right but also a prerequisite for a sustainable ecosystem. It is critical to recognize that gender equality does not imply gender inequality. Bias exists both consciously and unconsciously everywhere. Because of our age, gender, educational background, marriage and parental status, home origin, nature of employment, job seniority, and other factors, we may experience prejudiced behavior and behaviors in every part of the world.

womens day banner

At Gurzu Inc we treat every individuals fairly and equally regardless of who they are, what job they do, or where they came from. We think that many drops of water build an ocean, and that everyone makes a difference, thus we are open and accepting to all voices. It is critical to listen, understand, and empathize. Try to understand who is different from us, who has a different point of view than we have. Thank you to the talented women in technology roles at Gurzu who exemplify our vision to provide affordable, scalable, rapid software engineering services and software solutions for businesses globally, by fostering rich, diverse and talented people. In recognition of Women’s History Month, we’ll be recognizing and encouraging women in tech all month.

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