Helping digital era entrepreneurs: How Gurzu helped to create a tech startup success story in Sydney.

Gurzu Engineer

Gurzu (Previously known as Jyaasa) was founded with a mission to help entrepreneurs establish successful businesses online through technology. Since its establishment, it has been helping various entrepreneurs and startups around the globe with creating and scaling businesses online.

One of the successful businesses Gurzu has helped was designerex™, the world’s first secure designer clothes sharing platform. We received a call from Nirmal Gyawali sometime during June 2015 who was helping entrepreneur Costa Koulis with creating user interfaces to visualize his idea. After a short call we agreed to meet with Costa.

Costa had already disrupted the real estate advertising industry with his live board holding company valued at $ 4.2 Million.

The idea had been brought forward by Costa’s partner Kirsten Kore who believed that there had to be a easier and trusted way to share clothes that were stagnant in the wardrobe.

Gurzu and the Designerex team worked hand in hand. Now the platform has served thousands of customers with almost four thousand designer dresses listed, each with an RRP of $250 or more, making it Australia’s largest online designer dress rental destination. Designerex has grown rapidly in popularity amongst Australia’s fashion savvy female population. With more than 50% monthly active users than any other site in this sharing economy niche, globally, designerex™ is a tech startup success story.

Our team here at Gurzu enjoyed working to build his idea into a reality and appreciated his attention to details. We had some well times working as well apart from our team sacrificing our annual festival holidays to bring this awesome platform into market.

Designerex™ is looking forward to constantly serving its customers better and are planning to expand it’s proven platform to the USA. Recently, Costa Koulis and Kirsten Kore have stepped into another venture together of parenthood as well. We wish them with best of our hearts to be great parents like they have been great entrepreneurs as well.

Here are some memories from our experience.

Cake sent after we had launched

Our VP of design and innovation: Mr Nikesh Suwal Enjoying Cake send by the designerex Team

Costa Koulis says “Gurzu and the team have been excellent in developing the designerex™ platform. This project involved building a world-first technology platform and Gurzu were outstanding in delivering a very successful result. The whole team is very reliable and exceptionally talented, I highly recommend Gurzu”. To view more testimonials Click Here