This Month in Gurzu - November 2023

by Alaka 

Hello Readers,

As November draws to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the exciting events and milestones that have graced our office this month. It’s been a whirlwind of activity, innovation, and collaboration, and we’re thrilled to share our highlights with you. 

So, buckle up and join us as we recap the happenings that made this month so special.

Exciting News:

A project that we have been working on for a few months now, recently relaunched in a new look and feel. Reveiled is a curated marketplace for pre-loved wedding items, with a mission to revolutionize the wedding industry by championing sustainability. Visit the new Reveiled here.

Blog Posts/ Case Studies

React Native is a popular framework used to develop applications for both Android and iOS. Can React Native child its own against the performance challenges in today’s competitive mobile app landscape? Sodip explored React Native’s brand new architecture in this blog post. Read it here.

UniTaskPro is a task management app targeted to universities and educational institutions. This project had a convoluted design in the beginning which needed to be fixed. Prateek wrote a blog post about how our product designers went about designing this app in this case study.

Knowledge Ketchup:

Knowledge ketchup is Gurzu’s take on the classic lunch-and-learn concept. Every week, a team member steps onto the stage, sharing valuable insights with the entire team. 

November 1 : NFC and NFC Payments

Prachanda talked about NFC (Near-field communication), its usages and the scope of its use. Find the slide deck here.

November 8 : Career Burnout

Most of the workers today have had the feeling of burnout. What causes it and what are some practical solutions to it? Prateek talked about career burnout along with his own life experiences in this ketchup. 

November 22:  Debugging with Rubber Duck

Rubber duck debugging is a programming and debugging technique in which a programmer explains their code or problem to an inanimate object, often a rubber duck. The idea is that by verbalizing the code, the programmer can gain a better understanding of the logic. Find the slide deck here

November 29: Bridging the Gap Between Designers and Developers

What happens where there is a gap between designers and developers? It results in unnecessary feedback loops, QA issues, and a lot more. Find the slide deck here.

Thank you!

Your dedication in reading through means a lot to us. Stay tuned for more captivating stories from our office in the upcoming edition.

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