This Month in Gurzu - March 2024

by Alaka 

Dear Readers,

The days are getting longer and the to-do-list might be too. 

March was a whirlwind of progress for us. As we enter into the new month, this newsletter brings you a recap of everything that has happened at Gurzu office.

So stay hydrated, and follow us through our March newsletter!


Women’s Day Celebration

This International Women’s Day, we celebrated the power of connection and conversation! Our Women’s Meet-Up fostered an inspiring space for Gurzu gals to gather and share their voices. 

 In honor of International Women’s Month, we also asked  some of the awesome women at Gurzu office to share their experiences and offer advice for aspiring women in tech. Watch the video here.

Holi Celebration

The usual office buzz was replaced with laughter and playful shouts today as we celebrated Holi, the festival of colors!  Beyond the joyful mess, it was a beautiful reminder of the power of community. 

Knowledge Ketchup Podcast

Knowledge ketchup is a weekly event at Gurzu where each week, one of our team members takes the stage to share something that they know with the rest of the team. 

We have been sharing photos and slides of ketchup with you all. But now it is time to bring them in AUDIO FORMAT!

Find the first six episodes of the knowledge ketchup podcast here. 

Or, you can find knowledge ketchup episodes on Spotify or Apple Podcast. Happy listening!

Thank you!

Your dedication in reading through means a lot to us. Stay tuned for more captivating stories from our office in the upcoming edition.

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