Wicket Publish

Wicket Publish is an intuitive, web-based content management system for digital displays used at NASCAR, Minor League Baseball Stadiums and many other display networks.
Backend | Frontend | System | Support | QA | Custom OS

ISM Publish is a digital signage software that offers a platform to create, manage and distribute contents over different networks. It is a revolutionary product, which allows businesses, marketers and advertisers of all sizes to broadcast targeted, meaningful and engaging advertisements content for a wide audience anytime, anywhere, anyplace. It supports all types of digital advertisement and provides it's user the ability to manage media and operate all end services without any hassle.

ISMConnect has been in the forefront of technology for brand engagement and have a growing network of digital displays from NASCAR race tracks, to Minor League Baseball Stadiums to many solar-powered outdoor display networks. We asked Gurzu to build several media products with a very aggressive delivery deadlines to match our own very aggressive network expansion. Gurzu team did not disappoint in quality, timeline or cost. Gurzu's talented group of engineers fit hand-in-glove with our in-house software engineering & computer vision teams to help achieve our long-term goals. Gurzu has been a great partner for us and we enjoy the can-do attitude and knowledge of very modern software stacks. The products that Gurzu has built for us have been core to our portfolio of technology investments.

Ryan Owen
President & Co-Founder | ISM Connect

Technologies Used

  • React JS
  • Salt
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node JS
  • Electron
  • AWS

Key Features

  • Cloud Content Management
  • Proof of Play
  • Scheduling Campaign
  • Widgets for the Weather, Time, RSS, URL and Message
  • Real-time Screenshot
  • Share of Voice

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