Stride: Win Your Way

Stride is a sports performance platform that facilitates school athletic programs to plan sports activities.
Backend Development | Mobile Development

Stride is a B2B Sport Supervision Platform for high schools, colleges, and sports clubs. Stride optimizes the time that coaches spend with athletes and mitigates risks associated with these interactions. This app is free to users of our service.
Features include Practice Management, Attendance Review, Countable Hours, Athlete Assessment, Team Chat, Practice Survey, Competition, and Event Management, and Goal Setting.

Gurzu could not have responded more knowledgeably or professionally to our company’s needs as a startup. The team completes tasks on-time and in-budget and provides meaningful guidance where needed. Gurzu has consistently matched fantastic software development with refreshing transparency.

Sydney Williams
ChartMySport LLC

Technologies Used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React Native

Key Features

  • Manage/organize team in colleges and high school
  • Create and save practice templates
  • Schedule and track practices, events and access individual performances
  • Manage personal workouts
  • Visualize representation of all recorded data
  • Generate, share and analyze athletes’ transcripts
  • Customize theme of the app the way you like

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