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Smartphone application that can receive visitor notification from the cloud reception system

RECEPTIONIST is the only reception system that streamlines reception, schedule adjustment, management and miscellaneous tasks in the conference room in a one-stop manner.

Backend Development
Frontend Development

RECEPTIONIST is a reception system that usually notifies visitors by chat in coordination with business chats such as Slack and Chatwork. However, even if you do not use Business Chat, if this app is installed, visitor notifications will be delivered to your smartphone.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Ruby on Rails

Key Features

  • Notify the visitor directly to the person in charge
  • Visitor information is retained automatically
  • Safer by reducing the number of contacts
  • Automatic extraction of vacant dates
  • Customers can choose a day that is convenient for them
  • Supports web conferencing
  • Book with one click
  • Grasp the usage status link
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