Senior Software Engineer (Ruby/Rails)

Lalitpur, Nepal

Job Description:

  1. Create and maintain distribution data of technology stacks in involved products.

  2. Collaborates with team members and ensures software standards are being improved in products.

  3. Contributes to all stages of the product development and deployment lifecycle.

  4. Reviews work and projects for technical accuracy within products.

  5. Conducts code reviews and ensures/creates documentation on engineering and cross-functional practices.

  6. Develops software solutions, continuously tries to Improve work processes, investigate/diagnose/remediate problematic areas.

  7. Responsible for driving detailed design and implementation in a fast-paced and agile development environment using the latest software development technologies and infrastructure.

  8. Leverage professional experience to recommend best practices, systems, and architectures.

  9. Supports and develops associate/software engineers by providing advice, mentoring, and education/training opportunities.

  10. Translate requirements/vision into a prioritized list of user stories and help deliver to required timelines and quality standards with the help of a team.

  11. Debug, troubleshoot, and isolate software problems as well as offer strategic solutions, analysis, and advice regarding identified issues for future development.

  12. Deliver value through a strong collaborative approach spanning distributed teams.

Job Specification:

  1. 3 - 5 years of professional work experience in the related or diverse tech stack.

  2. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills along with good communication practices.

  3. Loves to write code and take full ownership of a product or feature from concept to launch.

  4. Have confidence in making architectural design decisions that improve scalability & performance.

  5. Experience with database design & persistence technologies including SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, NoSQL, etc.

  6. Agility to adapt to technologies and processes quickly.

  7. Have strong implementation experience of software design patterns.

  8. Strong experience with Rails Framework and its ecosystem.

  9. Strong experience and mindset about testing and testing suites for Rails Framework like MiniTest or RSpec.

  10. Strong experience with AWS or any other cloud provider and its surrounding ecosystem.

  11.  Some experience with utilizing Caching Techniques and Caching in Rails Framework (Action / Fragment / Russian Doll / Shared Partial Caching etc.).

  12.  A proven track record of maintaining and scaling a product for x years with challenges solved is a plus.

Here’s what we provide:

  1. Attractive Salary Package
  2. Social Security Fund from the day of joining
  3. Performance Bonus with timely review
  4. Yearly Festive and Company Bonus
  5. Awesome company culture & great career development opportunities
  6. A working environment that values continuous learning and development Work From Home during COVID, with essential equipment
  7. Medical and Accidental Insurance
  8. Banking partner for a loan facility