QA Engineer

Lalitpur, Nepal

Job Description:

  1. Design/ create and implement the architecture of test automation, comprehensive and well-structured test plans, and test cases

  2. Develop and implement testing and debugging strategies

  3. Estimate testing process, arrange the necessary requirements for test setup and perform testing

  4. Detect and manage bugs, perform and monitor the debugging process

  5. Integrate test suite into build and deployment pipeline

  6. Generate code quality reports

  7. Review quality specifications and technical design documents and ensure the quality of products

  8. Attend the regular client calls and continuously discuss and coordinate with project leadership teams

  9. Stay up to date with new testing tools to track new requirements for the project

Job Specification:

  1. Must have 2 years of experience and be able to use Linux Operating System and git

  2. Profound knowledge of various QA Methodologies, tools, and process

  3. Able to create test cases or scenarios for any given condition

  4. Strong knowledge of Quality Assurance purpose, methods, and techniques

  5. Strong understanding of various types of testing, manual as well as automated testing tools, methods, and process

  6. Ability to write clear and comprehensive test plans and test cases

  7. Ability to perform SQL and Scripting, a very good knowledge of black-box testing and white box testing

  8. Sound command of both written and verbal communication, ability to work in a team, and strong time management skills

  9. Innovative thinker, problem-solving and ability to generate creative ideas and solutions

  10. Experience with Automated testing & QA

  11. Familiarity with PHP & Javascript

  12. Familiarity with Testing Framework(Laravel Dusk, Cypress & Mocha)

Here’s what we provide:

  1. Attractive Salary Package
  2. Social Security Fund from the day of joining
  3. Performance Bonus with timely review
  4. Yearly Festive and Company Bonus
  5. Awesome company culture & great career development opportunities
  6. Working environment that values continuous learning and development Work From Home during COVID, with essential equipment
  7. Medical and Accidental Insurance
  8. Banking partner for loan facility