Project Manager

Lalitpur, Nepal
Key Responsibility Areas:

  1. Establishing Governance

    • The PMO ensures that decisions are taken by the right people which involves teams, stakeholders, and clients based on the right information.

  2. Resource Management

    • Managing resources is an important PMO process because the right resources are key to delivering high-return projects.

    • Planning resources before the piped project commences would be on every PMO manager’s concern.

    • It is the PMO’s responsibility to see that organizational resources are shared optimally across projects.

    • It ensures a competent resource’s skills,  their current and future availability in order to prevent a misstep in project planning.

  3. Reusability

    • The PMO enables team efficiency by facilitating collaborative knowledge transfers between project teams.

    • It makes project plans, reviews, templates, and documentation widely available to concerned members, saving time and costs that would have otherwise gone into rework.

  4. Track and Support Projects

    • It tracks project health by ascertaining dependencies between projects. 

    • It collects and collates cyclic updates on work breakdown structures, communication strategy, and registered risks.

    • The next step it takes is to implement a remedial program to prevent issues from becoming recurring risks.

  5. Provide reporting function

    • Gather data about project progress, status of the milestones and goals reached

What we offer:

  1. Attractive Salary Package
  2. Social Security Fund from the day of joining
  3. Performance Bonus with timely review
  4. Yearly Festive and Company Bonus
  5. Awesome company culture & great career development opportunities
  6. Working environment that values continuous learning and development Work From Home during COVID, with essential equipment
  7. Medical and Accidental Insurance
  8. Banking partner for loan facility