About Gurzu

We are a team of engineers based in Nepal and the US who are passionate about building innovative software solutions.

We believe in software craftsmanship to develop scalable products that solve real-world business problems. We are a strong, curious, and diverse team passionate about our purpose and shared vision of success.

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Our Values

Be the best you can be, do the best you can do

  • Explorers

    We are continuously thinking of innovation and exploring new solutions in support of progress.

  • Fearless

    We are young company of radical thinkers. Our focus is to challenge and disrupt.

  • Human

    We believe in the power of human intelligence and strive to make a difference in humanity.


Endless possibilities

Learning and growing opportunities here at Gurzu are endless. You have absolute freedom to be creative, technical, or run the show. We will support you along the way. Our company culture promotes collective responsibility towards our shared vision.

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